About Me

Manoj Naldurgkar ( Kulkarni ), is a mechanical Engineer at state power generation company, Maharashtra. A naturalist and wild life photographer, conservationist. He is exploring environmental issues in local city. he co-ordinates with department time to time on various environmental issues and activities since decade.

He is founder of NGO group " Friends of Tadoba " and passionate about conversation of jungle and wildlife. His main interest in birds and wildlife. He comes in natural habitat for computering them documenting and display purpose of natural environment. He believes photography is a powerful medium to help conserve nature. His works has been featured and printed in leading news paper and exhibitions and radio.


Friends of Tadoba - Nature Club

Friends of Tadoba a socialy motiveted nature club founded by Manoj Naldurgkar in 2004 with following objectives :

Conduct conservation activities in forest area in association with Friends of Tadoba

Conduct awareness activities in villages nearby forest, urban areas especially in schools.

Conduct verious contest like drawing, essay, slogan, Echo friendly article making to create awareness amongst students.

Active participation in Friends of Tadoba special programme like census, bird counting, nature trails, wildlife week celebration.


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